100 Years Before Wordle, Crosswords Took the Nation By Storm

In the late 1920s puzzles started becoming very famous, the queen was a fan as well and some musicals were inspired by it.



In a very short time Wordle became a phenomenon and it has become part of our daily lives. It was created by a Brooklyn Based Programmer as a dedication to his partner in late 2021. This tricky trending puzzle gives you 6 guesses to correctly find a 5 letter word every day. Wordle has achieved worldwide success through its creative design. The ability to share the results on social media fueled its success even further.

Worlde’s swift growth, lead do it being acquired by the NY times Company for 6 figures amount in January 2022 and it doesn’t come as a surprise because many popular games have been acquired by other companies in the past. 100 years ago there was a major puzzle craze which still continues to this day. People seem to be very much into solving these tricky puzzles. This era is also known as the “crossword mania” of the 1920s and it was a think in Great Britain more than in other places. The crossword version that is very much similar to today’s has started since 1913 and was first published in NYTimes FUN section and it was inspired by the magazines in GB which regularly published similar word puzzles.