6 Old Classic Games You Haven’t Forgotten

We have forgotten about many games which can give our families countless hours of fun and challenging puzzles. Below we have included our list of top 8 fun games which you probably forgot about.



Dominos are like a little pack of cards. You can play with dominos in many different ways, you usually have to match the number of one side of the domino with another one. You might as well stack them up in a row and push the first one and see the rest of them fall one after the other. Ever heard of a thing called The Domino Effect?

Jigsaw Puzzles
There are some huge jigsaw puzzles out there, they can sometimes contain thousands of pieces and take days to complete. These type of puzzles will need a few people working on them, hence they are perfect for playing with family. You can bring the tempo down a bit and engage all of your family into completing thes puzzles. You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s really fun.

Just like tic tac toe Hangman is another game which also needs a pen and paper to keep everyone engaged. You will need to be able to read though, and this makes it impractical for small children to get involved playing. Next time you will have a family gathering, try playing some of these classic old school games to get the party started and lift up the mood. Many of these classic yet simple games are suitable for all family, young and old, making them perfect games for a quality family time.

This game can cause some friction and over-competitiveness between players, so please beware. This classic board game and most people probably have an old copy of it somewhere. If you don’t have any, then modern versions will give you a wide range of options, including editions that use electronic type cards instead of the paper dollar bills, themed sets etc.

Role-Playing Games
These type of games are more complex and in-depth than most of the games mentioned here, but this makes them perfect for teens and adults. More than just a game they typically tell a story and allow people to build a character to play with. It requires teamwork, and some strategy. They are less competitive games and more fun.

If you live in a spacious home this is one of the super fun game which keeps your arms fit as well, as it requires some movement(calorie burning is a bonus). You can have a decent ping pong game by playing in any large flat surface. You need the right equipment like pads, a net and some ping pong balls to play.