Board Games Resist the Advance of the Web



How much has the way of conceiving entertainment changed in the last 20 years? Video games dominate the industry and for as long as smartphones have existed, apps have been the most immediate pastimes. Yet once upon a time a board game was enough to pass the time. Contrary to what one might think, despite the incessant technological progress, table games continue to carve out an important slice of the market.

In the last 2 years, sales have even increased by 30%: these attractions are still recognized today with a strong educational value. There is nothing better than a board game to have fun and socialize in person. Especially in Italy, where these games produce 100 million euros in revenue and are renewed with hundreds of new titles every year.

Behind the board games there is a real culture, which still resists today as if to respect an ancient tradition. In fact, there is no shortage of themed events and conferences. Italian research institutions are also interested in these games: just think that the National Institute of Astrophysics considers them an ideal means for scientific dissemination, but there are also those who promote them for the dissemination and conservation of historical narration.

It is useless to deny it: with quizzes such as “Trivial Pursuit” the notions of general knowledge become essential to play with knowledge of the facts. However, there are cases in which some old games are given new life with a digital incarnation. Just “Trivial Pursuit” has also veered more than once on the videogame road. In the collective imagination, however, nothing replaces cards, dice and pieces.