LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

There was a time when TT Games’ licensed LEGO video games seemed to have nothing more to say. The British developer had tried and tried to renew the proven formula, riding one brand after another while experimenting with new game dynamics, but by churning out a couple of video games a year he had ended up saturating a niche in the market that, absurdly, practically it was all hers. The fact that LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens hadn’t followed up on the release of subsequent films, moreover, seemed like a wake-up call.



In recent years, in fact, LEGO video games had lost their bite and perhaps it was a good thing that happened … well, whatever forced TT Games to continually postpone the new LEGO Star Wars, announced in 2020 and finally on the shelves only now. which is well into 2022. At this point all that remained was to play with it to understand if the Force had awakened again, and in our review of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga you will find out if we liked it or not.

For the uninitiated, TT Games began its adventure with LEGO video games back in 2005 with LEGO Star Wars: The video game. That very first game laid the foundation for all to come, as it reinterpreted the trilogy starring Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi in an ironic way. The following year followed LEGO Star Wars II: The Classic Trilogy, which is self-explanatory. The British developer then combined them into a single package, titled LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, while also giving himself to other brands such as Indiana Jones, Batman or Harry Potter. In short, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is not the first themed compilation, but there are two crucial differences compared to the games of almost twenty years ago. First, it represents all nine films, including Episode VIII and Episode IX, for the first time in LEGO form. And above all it is a completely new product.

Cheflife: A Restaurant Simulator, the game trailer arrives



Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator: NACON and the Cyanide development studio announce the arrival of the game’s trailer, in collaboration with the world-famous MICHELIN Guide.

Fun at a management and simulation level, in a game that brings its users into the life of a real restaurateur, with the aim of improving their culinary skills to the maximum and making the best decisions for their restaurant.

Thanks to the Cyanide studio, realism will be one of the main parts of the game. The developers, who are lovers of cooking and its way, wanted to create something that comes close to the “story of reality”.

In Chef Life Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator, “Quality” is one of the watchwords: in terms of ingredients, dishes served and efficient management of table service, keeping an eye on their budget to improve the reputation of their restaurant .

But it does not end there, because customization will be another of the predominant aspects: from your avatar, to the components, passing through the decor of the restaurant and the menu they offer to customers from a selection of about 80 French and Italian dishes. All this in order to satisfy customers and receive a MICHELIN Guide star

Tokyo Games, today Google dedicates doodle-video games to the Olympics

A video game that winks at the famous Super Mario Bros is the search engine’s tribute to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Japan to be held today



Google has decided to pay homage to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a very special doodle. It is a game called “The island of champions.” On the opening day of the Games, instead of the classic usually animated image, a videogame version arrives that seems to recall the legendary Super Mario (not two-dimensional) of the Super Nintendo.

6 Old Classic Games You Haven’t Forgotten

We have forgotten about many games which can give our families countless hours of fun and challenging puzzles. Below we have included our list of top 8 fun games which you probably forgot about.



Dominos are like a little pack of cards. You can play with dominos in many different ways, you usually have to match the number of one side of the domino with another one. You might as well stack them up in a row and push the first one and see the rest of them fall one after the other. Ever heard of a thing called The Domino Effect?

Jigsaw Puzzles
There are some huge jigsaw puzzles out there, they can sometimes contain thousands of pieces and take days to complete. These type of puzzles will need a few people working on them, hence they are perfect for playing with family. You can bring the tempo down a bit and engage all of your family into completing thes puzzles. You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s really fun.

Just like tic tac toe Hangman is another game which also needs a pen and paper to keep everyone engaged. You will need to be able to read though, and this makes it impractical for small children to get involved playing. Next time you will have a family gathering, try playing some of these classic old school games to get the party started and lift up the mood. Many of these classic yet simple games are suitable for all family, young and old, making them perfect games for a quality family time.

This game can cause some friction and over-competitiveness between players, so please beware. This classic board game and most people probably have an old copy of it somewhere. If you don’t have any, then modern versions will give you a wide range of options, including editions that use electronic type cards instead of the paper dollar bills, themed sets etc.

Role-Playing Games
These type of games are more complex and in-depth than most of the games mentioned here, but this makes them perfect for teens and adults. More than just a game they typically tell a story and allow people to build a character to play with. It requires teamwork, and some strategy. They are less competitive games and more fun.

If you live in a spacious home this is one of the super fun game which keeps your arms fit as well, as it requires some movement(calorie burning is a bonus). You can have a decent ping pong game by playing in any large flat surface. You need the right equipment like pads, a net and some ping pong balls to play.

Daily Themed Crossword Answers

Daily themed crossword is a fun game for everyone. You will have access to hundreds of puzzles . You can use your Android device to play this game and review your crosswords whenever you want and wherever you are. If you want to exercise your brain regularly especially during the pandemic situation ,this is the right game .Keeping your mind sharp and active with so many distractions nowadays it is not easy that is why solving a crossword is a time tested formula to ensure that your brain stays active .Solve your way through brilliant crosswords published everyday. There is a variety of topics you can choose such as Sports, Movies, History, Games, Technology, Architecture and more. Become a master in crossword solving while having fun.



Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles sorted by the most recent ones:

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Increase your vocabulary and your knowledge while using words from different topics. In the DAILY THEMED CROSSWORD there are puzzles for everyone, each day there is a new puzzle and get daily rewards much like Word Crossy Puzzle Game. Sometimes it may be difficult and sometimes it may be easy,but we have HINTS to get you past the obstacles of finding the words. Learn new things about famous personalities, discoveries, events and many other things that will attract you and keep you focused on the game. All you have to do is to Download the game and join the thousands of players of this crossword game and find out why is everyone so addicted to solve the crosswords. We are all ears to hear your suggestions!