PS PLUS: Free Games April 2022

Let’s recap: last weekend the PlayStation site unveils the new free PlayStation Plus games of August 2021 in advance through a page published in advance and immediately obscured by Sony. But now the damage is done, the leak spreads rapidly … only the official status was missing, now it has finally arrived.



Starting from Tuesday 3 August, subscribers to the service will be able to download Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighorville, Tennis World Tour 2 and Hunter’s Arena Legends, the latter only for PS5 while the other two in the PS4 version compatible with the new console. The leaks were therefore fully and absolutely respected but it was difficult to hypothesize other scenarios considering the source of the anticipation.

PlayStation Plus: new free games August 2021
Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville (PS4 compatible with PS5)
Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4 compatible with PS5)
Hunter’s Arena Legends (PS5 only)
The free PlayStation Plus games of July 2021 will therefore remain available for a few more days, take the opportunity to add Call of Duty Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds and A Plague Tale Innocence, the latter in a remastered and optimized version for PS5, to your library.

What do you think of the August lineup? Are you satisfied with Sony’s choice or would you have preferred other games? Let us know below in the comments section.