PS5: Sony asks Japanese shopkeepers to open the boxes, to avoid touting

Sony is trying to counter the PS5 touting phenomenon in Japan in every possible way. It even went so far as to ask retailers to open the boxes of the consoles for sale, so as to make resale more difficult.



The system invented by the Japanese house is actually quite ingenious. PS5 boxes arrive in stores with large stickers, which can only be removed using tools provided by the manufacturer.

The stickers are removed after each sale, in front of the customers. In this way, touts can no longer resell the consoles as new, because the packages are damaged where the stickers were affixed. The initiative has been going on for more than a month now, but there is still no data on its effectiveness.

Having to invent such complex systems to protect sales, with relative costs, is however a clear sign of how widespread the phenomenon of scalping is widespread and impacts the trend of the hardware, in particular for the one in great demand like PS5.

However, as the months go by, the demand for the console is stabilizing, even if it is still very difficult to find units available in stores.