Adults or Kids – Who is more addicted to Gaming?

When people think of video games, they probably think of young kids and teens sitting on the couch wasting hours inside rather than playing outside with their friends.But a new report reveals they aren’t necessarily the ones waisting their days in front of a video game monitor.The newly-published 2022 Essential Facts about video games reports that more than 215 million people play games regularly. The surprising fact is that three-quarters of players are over the age of 18. Furthermore, the average age of a video game player today is 33 years old, according to the report commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association, the Washington, D.C.

“The fact we’re seeing more people over 45 years old playing than under 18 just speaks to the growth and adoption of gameplay and how people even later in life continue to gravitate towards games,” says Stanley Pierre-Louis, president and CEO of the ESA, in an interview.

Why we play? People of all ages play video games for many different reasons.The popular reasons are that video games bring joy (93%), provide mental stimulation (91%) and stress relief (89%).

“One area we were concentrated to see is in the area of mental health”- Pierre-Louis says. “Particularly with the isolation brought on by the pandemic, people connected through games and enjoyed shared experiences.”Studies have shown that some video games that video games can boost mood and make for better heart rhythms- a sing that they may also help relieve stress and contribute to positive mental well-being.
“In 2020, 65% of people said they played together, which jumped to 77% in 2021 and now it’s at an incredible 83% who play together,” he adds. “Games have become a great way to convene with people socially and to connect with family and friends as well as the global community.

“What’s more, families also see the benefits of playing video games together, the ESA found, with 77% of parents regularly play video games with their children.
The most popular gaming platform?The smartphone is with no doubt the most popular device for playing video games according to 70% respondents in this study. 52% of them see a video game console as their preferred device for playing, followed by personal computer (43%), tablet/iPad (26%) and virtual reality headset (7%). About 60% of respondents say they enjoy playing on multiple devices.

The most popular video games?There’s no denying that video games are awesome ,and
extremely popular among all age groups. Puzzles happen to be the most popular. At 65%
,puzzle games were the most popular genre.Gamers over the age of 65 say they play puzzles “to use my brain” and “improves our mood”. Doing a puzzle actually produces dopamine in the brain, giving us feelings of happiness. For men, two-thirds also play to have fun (67%) and pass time (66%), a similar number to women also play to pass time (70%) and to unwind and relax (66%). Also playing puzzles is considered as something interesting and relaxing.

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